A home that gives both space to discover yourself and a sense of belonging.

An office that ignites your creativity, optimises productivity and connects you to the world.

A hotel room that relaxes you the minute you walk in and reminds you of the fine things in life.

We achieve this and so much more for your project. A unique service, Lotus Consulting brings together Italy’s leading architectural studio , interior designers and iconic Italian designed products.

Lotus Consulting is a complete interior design solution for commercial offices , homes, and hotels; managing all aspects from strategic planning and programming to design, sourcing and project management to post-sale services.

Our core skill is the balance of the practical and the aesthetic aspects in the design. This is achieved through acknowledging the natural human flow between rooms and between different activities, ensuring appropriate technologies; positioning furniture and lighting systems to maximise comfort and functionality, and to find the perfect balance between empty and occupied space. All this is done with the style, excellence and quality only achievable with MADE IN ITALY.

We have solid partnership with Italy’s leading manufacturers known for their designs and quality. Our team work directly with the manufacturers to provide unique solutions catered to best meet our clients needs.

Optimal post-sales services are integral to what we offer for all our products are sold with quality warranty, of up to 20 years!




这些及更好的,我们能都为你一一办到。将意大利大师级建筑设计公司,顶尖室内设计师及顶级室内设计品牌连合起来,Lotus Consulting 能为你带来的,是非一般的服务。

Lotus Consulting 提供完整的室内设计服务。为商用办公室、住宅、酒店等提供一条龙的顾问服务,从初步的策划、设计、以致选料、采购,到终期的项目管理及售后服务都顾及到。

我们的核心价值在于能完美地平衡设计的实用和美学两方面。这是因为我们的设计充分考虑到空间与空间之间的自然人流和各类活动的互动,通过挑选合适的时尚科技产品、家具的摆放、采光等等,把功能和舒适感同时提到最高,让摆放了东西的空间和空出来的空间完美地平衡过来。这些都是只有采用“意大利制造”MADE IN ITALY才能达到的品味、卓越和品质。



HOW / 操作模式


An interior design project requires management of highly complex  layers yet at the same time touches on the detail of how the space will be used. To ensure that our clients receive the best of MADE IN ITALY we are proud to use a simplified flow of work:

- The first phase of an interior design project involves defining axonometrics, visualisations and a preliminary layout of furniture; our interior designers then go on to select accessories and details which contribute towards effectively customised solutions,

- A project moves to delivery stage once a technical drawing has been produced, entailing scrupulous checks of measurements and the definitive resolution of problems regarding power and water supplies as well as the connection of heating and air conditioning and the project is approved by our client,

- Each piece of furniture included in the project is then given a unique number  for efficient traceability during delivery and assembly,

- With particularly complex projects, our staff usually assemble everything in a simulation which takes place in  the company’s studio or on site. The aim is to ensure that the project truly is flawless, and to give the fine tuning that our exacting process demands,

- Once the architect, interior designer and quality control staff are completely satisfied, the furniture is taken apart, numbered and prepared for delivery.

- A team of experienced technicians, impeccably organised and ready to travel to even the most distant corners of the world will provide to fix all, under the direction of our architects and interior designers.

The entire flow is organized to garantee our customers optimal timing in our deliveries. Equipped with solid experience in problem solving both in designing, managing and final set-up, our team offer our customers the best possible experience in every stage of the project.









"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. / 简朴乃终极的精致复杂 "




We offer the genuine 100% MADE in ITALY label, we go at length to ensure all our customers that each and every single article that they purchase and receive is indeed MADE in ITALY.

MADE in ITALY, distilled to its simplest and purest form expresses excellence of creativity and craftsmanship. It means perfection, from conception, to working out on paper, to prototype, up until the product is finished.

The whole world admires and trusts a product that is MADE in ITALY and many are prepared to invest,  just to have in their possession an Italian branded article, which they own and use with great pride. What does that mean to you? And to our users? Precisely due to the tangible value that MADE in ITALY offers to its users, the MADE in ITALY label has been victim of much counterfeiting, by those who profit shamefully from the brand’s prestige, using it on various kinds of products that are in no way Italian, products of scarce quality. We have absolutely no part with these. Genuine believers in, hence also vigorous proponents of, the MADE in ITALY tradition, where everything is literally MADE in ITALY, we guarantee all our customers all our articles are true product of Italian craftsmanship and quality, a product that is only worthy to bear the MADE OF ITALY label. We provide our Certificate of Authenticity.

我提供的是百分百“意大利制造”标签 - 我们极之著重我们的客户所购买以致收到的每一件产品都是真真正正的在意大利制造。





作为诚恳的“意大利制造”支持者,我们极力维护“意大利制造”的传统。我们保证我们所有的客户,我们所有的产品皆是真正的意大利工艺品, 因为就只有这样的产品才配称为“意大利制造”。我们的产品都有原产证明书。




Our team of architects and interior designers offers its services to international investors who want to create prestigious architectural and interior projects, characterised by iconic  MADE in ITALY design.

We address in particular those clients who demand, in addition to high quality products, services with a high technology content. Thanks to the technical and managerial experience Lotus Consulting covers many areas of the large supply contracts sector. Hotels, bars, restaurants, yachts, luxury boutiques, fitness centres, offices, private residences and nurseries are just a few examples.


我们特别能满足除了追求高品质外,对高科技产品有需求的客户。基于我们的技术及管理经验,Lotus Consultant 提供的服务范围非常广,酒店、酒吧、餐厅、游艇、豪华精品店、健身中心、办公室、住宅、幼儿中心等等,只是其中一部分。

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